Monday, 29 June 2020


What a storm we had on Saturday, thunder and lightening lighting up the skies and roaring around the cottage.  Almighty claps of thunder followed by explosive light across the sky.  Taking out the power for a few seconds several times.   It certainly cleared the air which had been quite humid for a few hours earlier.  Once the storm passed it became quite misty and the glorious red started to emerge over the outbuilding.  Not a great photo but it was a glorious sight.

Saturday, we had a walk around the village chatting over the fences for awhile with our neighbours and a couple of friends stopping to chat a while.  We were glad to get out before once again the rain started.  Back to the kitchen to put together a fruit cake, using up some dried fruit that was almost out of date.  A Delia Smith recipe used that has been a faithful recipe for many years producing a moist cake that gets better the longer it stands.

Intermittent rain stopped any further adventures outside so an exploration of the craft room began.  Now much tidier and organised making it easier to find and indeed replenish things as required.   I began to experiment decorating clothes pegs and what fun I had.

 I thought these may be an ideal addition to the top of some Christmas gifts and a fun way to attach the label to a gift.  They don't take long to make either so I don't need to get started with them too early.  I can enjoy the season.  I then went on to make a tassel for my poetry journal made from ribbon, lace, jute and beads.  Another very quick but fun project that would make a wonderful addition to a gift package.  I enjoyed the process and also managed to sort out beads and charms that have been languishing for awhile.

The chives are the best I have ever seen them at the moment so I intend to go out and pick some ready to make some chive vinegar ready for salads.  I also wanted to share with you the size of this egg, it was enormous...ooch!

All ready boxed to take over to my neighbour who regularly bakes us scones a great exchange.  There was a collection for the food bank at Church this week, I feel saddened that so many people are in need at this time through no fault of their own.  It as a great excuse to sort out the kitchen cupboards and storage and give them a good clean in the process.  This epidemic has been so far reaching I ponder these days what 'normal' is and what the future indeed looks like...

Hope all is well with you.  Take care and stay safe.

See you soon.


  1. Good job the shells are soft when they lay them, ouch!

  2. We too wonder about the future. I dont think there will ever be a normal again in the same way.

  3. I just love that journal it's beautiful and that egg! is it from a chicken?
    When I saw the first picture of the cake I thought for a moment that you were making a christmas cake.

  4. Food banks need our support throughout the year, but there are no doubt additional demands on them during the pandemic.

  5. We've helped out food banks as well. People are always in need of food. One I went to in a town has diapers and diaper wipes, which were out when I was there (wipes). There are times when I can't find items in a store. Flour and sugar are scarce at times. I like your first photo. Even out of focus can make it look good. Colours are nice. Glad you survived the storm. I like your craft projects! Take care my friend!!🌹

  6. A productive weekend! I love the journal with the vintage-style fabric. Your hens are working well, they must be happy girls.

  7. Normal is going to be abnormal for quite a while. I am glad I don't mind being at home so much. You were very busy during the weekend!!

  8. The decorated pegs are lovely what a wonderful idea. You are so crafty I enjoy seeing all your creations.

    That is a huge egg! Not sure why the first comment says the shells are soft when they lay them! Haha.

    The cake looks very nice. I've stopped making cakes with only me eating them, it is too tempting to just keep eating!

  9. Young layers often lay soft eggs. I was being hopeful for the poor hen!

  10. Will that huge egg be a double decker? Seems as though...

    Glad that you got out and about. It is good to reconnect with friends and neighbors.

    We really don't know how exactly things will play out.

    "Simply trusting every day;
    Trusting through a stormy way;
    Even when my faith is small,
    Trusting Jesus, that is all."

    1. I had already forgotten! Doubledecker? Gravy, I meant double yolker, of course. 😣

  11. The best thing about T-storms is, when they take the Humidity with them!!!!!!!! And that sounds like a "Rip-Roaring" storm!

    I take it, this is a Fruitcake for Christmas. Delightful!!!! To be laced with your choice of 'Spirits,' till then.

    Your little walk about sounds perfect.

    That egg! Are you sure you don't have a duck, in among the chickens?!?!?!? -giggggles-

    How delightful to swap eggs for scones!

  12. Hello, my lovely friend.
    I know I tell you this all the time, but you are amazing. I wish I could learn from you! Well, I do, actually! You inspire me!

  13. You've given me a good idea. At Christmas I like to hang my cards using clothes pins. I think I'll find my hot glue gun and decorate some pins with festive bits I have in the Christmas cupboard. Thank you.

  14. ooh pretties! These are so cute. You create lovely things. That egg..does look like a doozy..oh my. I wonder if it is a double or maybe a triple? Do let us know won't you? Chives,I planted seeds over a month ago..not one. No plants about all sold out. Next year I will start them earlier, and maybe soak the seed,or just buy a plant...oh bother :)

  15. That certainly sounds an amazing storm …
    Pleased you could get out and about and see neighbours - social distancing of course!

    My good wishes.

    All the best Jan

  16. That's a great trade. What a huge egg! You sound busy and productive.

  17. I love those decorated clothespins. One year in Girl Scouts my daughter's troop made Santa and his reindeer from clothespins. They were adorable. I like your decoration on your journal. I didn't inherit any crafting from my mom, cooking yes, but delicate little decorating nope.
    I miss thunderstorms, they are pretty rare in our area of Southern California. I was in Illinois last year and got to experience a few boomers.

  18. That egg is huge! Glad to hear that you have weathered the thunderstorms, we have had a lot lately reminding me of the storms in the 70s when we had the really hot summers.

    I am intrigued by chive vinegar, would you be able to share the recipe? I have loads and loads of chives......

  19. Glad you've managed to keep out of the rain and in between the showers have caught up with your neighbours. What an enormous egg!

  20. A walk after a storm has broken the humidity is always a joy, your community sounds wonderful.

    The pegs and journal are just so cute, what lovely ideas.

  21. There is nothing beyter than fresh eggs and chive dressing sounds amazing!

  22. That is a large egg, it would probably count as two in a recipe. Your journal is lovely, I bet it is a joy to write in:)

  23. I love your decorated cloth pegs. I was thinking that you could little magnets to the back of them and people could put them on their fridge after they open their presents.

  24. Very warm for the past few days. Your hand crafts are beautiful. I grow chives too. Eggs from your own chickens are still the best.

  25. I find storms to be so wonderful and cozy, well unless I am driving in them. Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend. Stay safe.

  26. I do enjoy a good thunderstorm! We had a real log-lifter one day last week. I was in the market when it started, so there was nothing to do but take off my shoes and wade out to the car. I left a dampness in the car seat! I do like your decorated clothes pins. Amalia has a good idea; I use magnetic clips to hold a recipe when I'm cooking, or a shopping list, etc.

  27. I think your storm sounds exciting and wonderful. I love the tassel you made, your journal looks full of good things. I wish some of the people we give eggs to would bring us baked goods! The clothes pins decorated is a fun idea. Stay safe. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  28. I would have been a nervous wreck during that storm. You make such pretty things...I love the tassel on your journal, and the decorated clothespins.

  29. We have had rain for the last two days and today a few rumbles of thunder. Last night was extremely windy and someone captured a funnel cloud (tornado) forming overhead. Good thing I was sound asleep, or at least trying to sleep.

    Cute clothes pins, I love the idea of using them to attach a tag to your Christmas gifts.

    God bless.