Monday, 5 May 2014

Rag Rugging

Thank you so much for your concern and your lovely get well messages.  That certainly was some virus that seems to be sweeping the area and knocking people down like nine pins.  I am still not 100% but over the worst I think.

I really haven't done very much at all.  I tried to catch up with some DVDs but kept falling asleep and reading was quite difficult due to watering eyes.  I have browsed a couple of books in preparation for the winter.  I usually try to start a new project something that I have never done before.

My intention is to have a go at rag rugging to create a rug for my craft room.  The book suggests to use fine-knit recycled woollens and cottons.  I always have a big clear out during the summer months so will put garments aside for this project and add to the pile from car boot sales.  I can but try and if all else fails revert to plan 2 a crochet rug.
Hope you all have a healthy week.


  1. Glad to hear that you are on the mend. I hope that the rag rugging goes to plan and I look forward to seeing it in due course! xx

  2. Have a nice week starting with a new project !

  3. Sorry you haven't been well but glad you are now feeling better. Have fun with the rag rigging!
    Marianne x