Thursday, 4 July 2019

A Tour Of The Garden

We have woken once more to another dreary overcast day and very wet.  It has obviously been raining once again.  It feels quite chilly too.  I am living in hope that conditions will improve and we will get some gorgeous Summer sunshine instead of the washout we are having.  We did have a couple of nice days over the weekend when I took time out of my day to enjoy our garden.  Let me take you on a little tour.

These are the tyres that we have used to grow herbs, spring onions and lettuce.  They have been a joy and we are enjoying the lettuce and onions along with the herbs almost daily.

We have quite a few very large black pots that we are using to grow potatoes we shall see how they turn out very soon.  The ones I am showing you are the early variety but we have some others too.  Not a lot else this year apart from the rhubarb and a couple of chilli plants.  However we do have plans for the garden next year as we near the end of the indoor garden.  We are now starting to work inside slow but steady...

Now around to the front, a small enclosed patch surrounded by a wall.  This helps protect everything from the winds that are prolific here.

The stunning array of beautiful colour making me smile.  Hope it made you smile too.

Many thanks for your comments and enquiries about Gerard.  We were pleased with how the appointment went and it is hoped that the new medication will be beneficial.  He has also been referred to Occupational Therapy for a review to see if there are any aids that may help.  So a positive outcome.

See you soon.


  1. There's lots going on in your garden. I'm growing potatoes in bags too, it won't be long now until they're ready. You have plenty of colour in your garden too.

  2. Looking beautiful despite the dreary weather. It's always fun lifting the potatoes, a real treasure hunt,

  3. I wish to have a garden like this one:)

  4. if only we had some rain here! no rain for weeks and its been 40 degrees C, my garden is looking like a dry roasted peanut at the moment haha

  5. That looks really colourful. I bet the lettuce taste fabulous.

  6. Your front garden looks beautiful. All that color must be heady with the muted landscape you enjoy. Everyone needs color! Your back garden looks just plain delicious. I could reach right in and snag some delights for my salad.

  7. Lovely !!!!!
    Have a shinny day in your garden !

  8. Good news about Gerard. Great and very colourful flowers.

  9. Thanks for the tour. You have a lot of colour in your garden. I've never grown potatoes in a bag. I must try it. I wish you some sunny days. We need rain here in Eastern Canada. We're suppose to get some on the weekend. Meanwhile I have to water my garden and flowers. .

  10. All that colour! Just beautiful. I hope you get to enjoy some warmer weather before much longer. X

  11. You certainly have lovely blooming, even though the weather has not been perfect!

    I could send you some sun, as it is full summer here, right now!!!!!!

    Good news about your husband. Hope he will get even more help, from this latest referral.


  12. Our eldest son lives in Ayr and I can't tell you how often he rings when we are sitting in sunshine and he has several layers of clothes on. Mind you, sometimes it is too much for us now and we long for more cloud and rain.

  13. You have a lovely garden in spite of the cool wet weather. We, too, are enjoying lettuce and herbs from the garden. Do you think growing things in the black tyres keeps the soil warmer? Your potatoes will surely be delicious.

    So glad Gerard's appointment went well. Have a lovely day. I'm reading Peter May's The Blackhouse just now and thinking of your blog and photos as I picture the scenes.

  14. So glad to hear that Gerard's appointment went well and he has some positive feedback from the doctor.
    Your garden tour is stunning. We're having an unusually cool summer too. We're sitting here with jackets on for the 4th of July holiday. That's unheard of. The gardens here are not doing very well and your's looks much better than ours do.
    Wishing you a lovely day my friend.

  15. Thanks for the tour of your garden.
    Glad to hear Gerard is getting the help he needs.

  16. Your garden is beautiful.

  17. What beautiful, intense colours - your flowers are gorgeous!

  18. Your edible garden is wonderful.. the lettuces and chives.. and new potatoes! My mom would make new potatoes and peas in a cream sauce from scratch.. it was divine. And your flowers are fabulous and colorful! Bravo to you! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  19. I enjoyed seeing your garden. Things seem to grow even with the lack of sunshine and never-ending rain. Your flowers are so lovely and colourful. Here's hoping you get more sunshine and we get more rain.

  20. I am enjoying your garden. You have green fingers. I tried planting potatoes twice but not successful. The lettuce and others looks so healthy, including the flowers too!

  21. Your have some lovely pants and flowers in your garden. Hope you have some good potatoes, our first early crop didn't do as well as hoped but fingers crossed for the next ones:)

  22. Lovely to see how your garden is progressing despite the not so good weather you are having. The last week has finally been good to us and we are having some nice warm sunshiny days - at long last!

  23. Great to see what you have been working on. Such lovely colours. Jo x

  24. Everything looks happy and cheery.
    xx Beca

  25. hope the OT comes up with something good for him. Lovely garden growings. We have heat and humidity and it looks like it will rain yet again today.

  26. Beautiful colour in your garden, hoping you have some warm sunny weather to enjoy soon. Good news about Gerard, Cx

  27. The garden looks like it's thriving so the plants are enjoying gloomy and rainy conditions that you are not. We do miss being able to get some fresh herbs as we did when we had our own garden, but then we don't miss the work. Glad to read that things are improving for Gerard

  28. Your garden is looking colourful with all those different flowers. It's good you have some shelter from the wind. Lots of lovely herbs too and your lettuces look wonderful. I had some cut-and-come-again salad leaves, but have to wait now for some individual lettuce plants to grow big enough to pick for eating. I'm pleased to hear that Gerard's appointment went well.

  29. Your garden looks quite splendid, both the vegetables and the flowers. I am sure that you enjoy both equally.

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  32. Loved your flower show. Better than Chelsea, I'll wager.

  33. Pleased about the positive outcome for Gerard.
    Your garden photographs are lovely to see.

    All the best Jan

  34. Your summer flowers are so pretty! Do you ever mix the flowers with the vegetables or vice versa? Do you ever have trouble with pests hiding underneath the lips of the tyres? Those tyres would certainly help to warm the soil when the sun eventually shines on them! What a beautiful, lush garden patch you have. :-)