Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Easter Vintage Pattern

April is here and came in with a bang, the winds have been terrible.  Spring is here and there are signs of that all around and yet it feels like a winters day with cold winds and intermittent rain.  The weather has definitely stopped work outside so the bench is still not finished and the garden is in need of some care and attention.

The postman arrived yesterday and certainly warmed my heart, I received a package from Eileen at she had sent me a vintage pattern.

How cute is that and perfect for this time of year.  I have had a quick browse through and am unfamiliar with the loop stitch but there does seem to be quite comprehensive instructions so I will give it a go when I can find some time.
Thank you so much Eileen you brightened my whole day.
It is a pattern from 1971 and also has a membership application to join the Lucky Lister Lamb Club, apparently there were 10 winning prizes to be won each month throughout 1971.  The only catch was you had to enclose 7 ball bands of Lister Lavenda double knitting wool and complete a slogan in no less than 8 words...I love Lucky Lister Lamb because.....
In keeping with the time of year I thought I would share another rabbit pattern which I love, it was bought off a wonderful lady at  Mount Dora for 50 cents, a real bargain.

A beautiful and comprehensive pattern that I intend to use, maybe next year....I keep adding things to my list to do and not getting a whole lot done.  Do you have a to do list that never gets any shorter?
See you soon.


  1. I ADORE those patterns! If you ever make Lister Lambs I would buy two of them! One for me and one for my sister in law who did her nursery up in lamb theme! SO SO SO SO CUTE!!!!!

    1. PS Yes on the list - it stays the same, I cross off, two are added. : - ) God bless you this Easter and always!

  2. Perfect patterns for spring! As the weather is poor here too, what better excuse than that to stitch!
    Happy April!

  3. We don't have 4 seasons here, all year round is sunny with rain. Yes, my to do list never seems to get shorter.

  4. I was just talking to someone today about knitting sheep in this way! Too funny that you have posted about it too! xx

  5. go here for a really good loop stitch tutorial and that lamb pattern you have is super cute x

  6. I didnt realise how the pattern was appropriate for Easter, How about that , Glad you are happy with it xxx

  7. Oh yes, I have lists and keep adding and starting new lists. :) The little lamb is so cute! You seem to get lots of things done!

  8. A package in the mail is one of my favorite things, especially wrapped in brown paper and tied up with strings :-)
    Happy Easter!

  9. Absolutely, my to do list keeps getting longer :-) but it is more exciting than frustrating for me; I am convinced I can never be bored, and I enjoy seeing all the clever creations other folks the lamb and bunny patterns you have. Sweet!

  10. Oh believe me I do! Sometimes I Get impatient and start new things that call out to me leaving wips piled up everywhere. My daughter constantly gives out to me because of it! She's only 9 and knows better than me!

  11. What a wonderful pattern, and a lovely gift mama. Two lovely spring time designs. x