Saturday, 1 November 2014

Present Toppers

Earlier in the week my husband and I had a pleasant couple of hours deciding and then making the present toppers for our gifts this year.  As a lot of the gifts are wooden we decided on a wooden theme.  My husband cut out stocking and trees:

We painted some smaller stockings and added a bow and some natural twine to attach to the parcel.

2 in 1 as they become a nice tree decoration once taken off the gift.
I also spent a couple of hours making a selection of bows to top the gifts.

I loved the bright rich colours of the harlequin ribbon perfect for the children and the luxury of the green and gold velveteen makes it perfect for topping a gift.
The gifts are all ready, the toppers are all ready all I now need is the cellophane and the wrapping paper.  I need to do some shopping...
Finally this is what I got up to this morning, a beautiful rainbow.  I wonder if there is a pot of gold at the end, I may need it if I go shopping.
A very warm welcome to my new followers and many thanks for all of your comments, they  really are appreciated and enjoyed.
Have a great weekend and see you soon.


  1. What a wonderful idea! I love that Harlequin ribbon too. Have a great weekend.

  2. Hello! These are fantastic and look so well made! I love them! And who knew that bows can look so pretty?!! Good luck with the shopping!
    Enjoy your weekend!
    Ingrid xx

  3. What a great idea ! they're lovely ! Have a nice week end !

  4. Where do you find the time for all these impressive makes? They are wonderful.

  5. So cute !!!!!!!!! The little socks and trees are adorable ! Love the bows too !
    Have a great weekend !

  6. Those present toppers are perfect. You are both so creative. I am lucky if I can even add a pre-made bow to my presents.

  7. Do you have all your Christmas Gits sorted? I am well impressed. I am still in denial. I love your little gift tags, what a lovely personal touch to any gift these will make.

    1. I am not usually this organized, due to the wedding I have been super efficient this year so yes I have most of the gifts sorted with the exception of some biscuits and mince pies that I like to make for family.

  8. Wow you're so organised I really need to get onto my Christmas preparation x

  9. Oh I really love these! How terrific your hubby helped you!
    Great job!

  10. They're all looking wonderful, and lucky you to have a clever hubby too who can cut you shapes!
    Gill xx

  11. What a darling idea! Your present toppers are absolutely delightful :) Hugs to you!

  12. They are so cute, a lovely idea, your presents will look amazing under their lucky recipients tree.

  13. Gosh I am always surprised by yours and your hubbys creativity and organisation, you are definitely going to be ready to go from wedding to Christmas in one easy step aren't you. The bows are lovely and make a great addition to a parcel don't they. xx

  14. What a wonderful way to start your day!! Mother Nature is such an amazing artist!!! Those wooden gift toppers are fantastic!! I am so inspired by all that you do!! Have a beautiful week ahead!!! xoxo

    ~ Wendy

  15. Cute! You've got a great start on the holidays!

  16. wow, all this and a wedding too?! I'm impressed! They are very charming, and will be fun to use as ornaments later.

  17. Wow, you are so well prepared! I am deeply impressed!!

    Really love the present toppers - what a cute idea.