Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Vintage Pattern (Afternoon Tea)

 What is better than a nice pot of tea.  With the onset of teabags and such busy lives we have nowadays, tea is made in the cup.  I much prefer a pot (with scones, jam and cream of course), pull up a chair and join me.  My vintage pattern of choice today is for a Tea Cosy and Tray Cloth, perfect for presenting the afternoon tea.  It is  Pearsall's Leaflet No 408, to be crocheted in Pearsall's "Phasian" Crochet Rayon.  Original price 3d.

 It is suggested you choose the lining to match your china or the colour scheme of your room.

In the same vain I am showcasing a Bachelor's Tea Cosy and Tea Pot Holder pattern worked in Strutt's Candlewick cotton.  The original price of leaflet no 2005 6d.

 Both of these patterns a snip at 30p each from a local charity shop.

Spring is in the air although not officially until the equinox on the 20th, so I have been busy making an Easter wreath.

 I love the little blue bells on the rabbits feet that jingle when you open the door and the colour of those pansies are divine.  A refreshing way to spend an hour or so.

Have a great day.


  1. Those are some great vintage patterns. I love the tea pot cozy. I haven't come across any at thrift shops but if I ever do i'll be sure to snatch them up. Your Spring wreath is very pretty. Gives you something to look forward to. We're supposed to have nice weather today, in the fifties. A lot better than what it's been. Have a wonderful week!

    1. I have a vast collection of vintage patterns, some of which I use. I feel as if I am preserving a little bit of history, a lifestyle long gone. Hope the weather picks up over there for you. God bless.